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Butler Beach E-Bike Adventures

The great thing about having electric bikes for rent on Butler Beach, St Augustine is that it can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. Sometimes the best days don’t need to be planned but just lived. No one knew this better than a young African American man named Frank B. Butler, one of Anastasia Island’s most successful entrepreneurs of his time. Mr. Butler operated the Sea Breeze Kaseno, Butler’s Inn and was a well-established real estate developer.

The Beginning of Butler Beach

In 1927, Mr. Butler bought his first property on Anastasia Island. Twenty years later in 1947, he submitted a formal plat establishing Butler Beach. In 1964, Mr. Butler opened the doors of his inn to host Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other Civil Rights advocates of the time. He shared the great beacon of success Butler Beach had become for the African American Community and promoted hope for the American dream for everyone. If you’re a history buff this is definitely a micro adventure for your things to do in Saint Augustine list on your electric bike rental.

Wooden +Bridge takes to PALM COAST Beach
Sandy E Bike Track on Palm Coast Beach

Butler Beach is one of those hidden gems in Saint Augustine that offers the e-bike rider a lot of opportunities to explore. Electric bike riders can access the beach either by crossing over the creaking wood boardwalks or can ride along the sandy trails through the soft rolling dunes.  Once the e-bike adventure begins on the beach, riders will enjoy the whispers of the gusty breeze, the warmth of the grainy sands and the constant rumbling of the waves.

The Best of Both Worlds

Butler Beach also offers e-bike riders the adventure of touring many beautiful neighborhoods both beach side and  river side. Flat streets that appear to stretch forever providing modern and historic homes to admire with great landscapes and natural vegetation that let you know you are in Florida.  Once on the Matanzas River, the music from the seagulls and hawks can be heard in the distance. The breeze becomes softer as the water lap’s grow louder against the rocks on the river’s edge lulling you into a hypnotic state of happiness!


Besides the rich history, sandy beaches and calming riverside, Butler Beach offers an incredible selection of places to eat. From mouthwatering slices of pizza to upscale dining experiences that include European and Gulf coast dishes, there is something for everybody.

An Incredible Find!

Paladar Cuban Eatery & Bakery in Butler BeachToday while we were out adventuring around the island on the electric bikes we were lucky enough to stumble across one of the coolest places I’ve eaten on the island yet. If our e-bike adventurist wants a Cuban experience, then the new Paladar Cuban Eatery & Bakery is the place to be. The inviting ambience feels like you have been dropped off at a side street tropical café in a beautiful Cuban beach town like Guardalavaca full of joy, culture, music and color!

As soon as the door opens, the smell of traditional assorted Cuban pastries draws you in from the entrance. Cuban music can be heard as the owner sings along with the customers without missing a beat of work. The smell of fresh brewed coffee makes one’s mouth water. This small intimate bakery serves breakfast and lunch. All these delicious treats are made in house.  From their oversized muffins, the best Cuban sandwiches’, to the heavenly cheesecake. This Bakery is a must to visit while exploring Butler Beach on your e-bike. I personally tried the Elena Ruth with a side of Yuca Frita sticks and a  Champagne Split. It was out of this world!

Be sure to check out their website and follow them on facebook @paladarcubaneatery or Instagram at #stacubaneats. In Cuban Paladar means, “a small family run restaurant” and this one does not disappoint. Make sure to pay them a visit next time you’re up for a Cuban adventure at Butler Beach with your e-bike rental.

A Butler Beach E-Bike adventure can help reshape the way you travel and explore. With your e-bike rental, you can effortlessly bypass traffic and the parking hassles. The adventure is not just about the destination but the journey. With your electric bike rental, you can transform your day into an exploration filled with activity and adventure. Remember, at Butler Beach, your next adventure is just an e-bike ride away.

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