Low Tide E-Bike Ride

As I walk down the ramp of the truck with my E-Bike, I could feel the ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun on my face. The beach was only a few short steps away.  I began to walk my E-Bike through the soft, white sand until I reached the part of the beach where my E-Bike tires could sail up the beautiful coast.  I had all my essentials, water, sunscreen, hat, camera, and my Go Pro.  My E-Bike adventure began at the Matanzas Inlet but the rest would be up to where the wind blew me and my E-bike.

Pedal assist two was all I needed for this effortless E-Bike journey.  The rays of sun danced on the ocean’s surface.  Sea gulls flew overhead, casting shadows on the white sand.  It was almost as if the sand was the canvas and the sea gulls the master piece.  The beach was deserted and stretched for miles and miles.  The seashore stretched out deep, where only hours ago it was covered by the warm ocean water.  My E-Bike tires crushed over sea shells that were left stranded after the water retreated out to sea.  I could not have asked for a better E-Bike beach ride.


As I traveled up through Crescent Beach, sea gulls drifted next to me, as if they wanted to race.  We all know who won that race.  I admired the beautiful beach houses that sat off the whispering dunes.  All different, but all where spacious and architecturally crafted.  As I steered north onto Butler Beach, the shore began to be dotted with visitors.  Some enjoyed a book under the shade of their umbrella, others wadded in the shallow glassy water, an others enjoyed the rolling waves farther out to sea.  There where dogs splashing in the foamy water hunting for their favorite floating toy.  Some people were walking, some were running, and some were biking.  Yes, I even saw a few E-Bike friends.  Some people had elaborate set ups.  They had tents, chairs, coolers, grills, surf boards, and family beach games.  All unloaded by their truck parked on the side of the dunes.  Others remained simple with only a beach towel and flip flops.  The sun radiated on my back, but I was extremely comfortable as the ocean breeze was my constant fan. I began spotting jelly fish that were once submerged by the sea but were now stranded on the wet sand because of the receding tide.  I carefully avoided these transparent sea creatures.  Through the mist of the ocean’s spray, I realized off in the distance, I could see The St. Augustine Beach Pier.  My journey had been so relaxing, I had no idea how far I had traveled.   St. Augustine Beach had more visitors and the beach became tighter even with low tide.  However, I still had plenty of space to safely cruise up to the sturdy pier.  Surfers took advantage of the steady beams of the pier which seem to help naturally enhance the waves.  I took a minute to hydrate myself, put on my baseball cap and enjoyed the view in front of me.

My return journey was as effortless as the beginning.  The warm sun now was in front of me to my right side.  The beams from the sun, glisten through the tall beach grass on the dunes.   The grass was swaying back and forth like the gentle wind was a lullaby for the vegetation.  Some people I passed going up the coast, remained frozen in time. They still had their book in their hand or were still rolling in the ocean.  Others were packing up their belongs, setting their sights on happy hour or a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants that St Augustine Beach offers.  I was soaring down the beach like my friends, the sea gulls.  Sandpipers were scurrying in and out of the surf.  I was disappointed I did not see any pelicans.  I love to watch them drop from the air and plunge into the ocean searching for prey.  Along the edges of Crescent Beach up by the dunes, I spotted squared off areas marked where sea turtle eggs incubate in the sand for about 2 months.  Once they hatch, they instinctually seek the horizon for the natural light reflecting from the ocean.  That is where their journey begins.  My journey was almost over, as I recognized the beach exit ramp where I started my day.  My E-Bike adventure was about 2 hours in length and I travel almost 20 miles.  I could not have asked for a more perfect afternoon on the beach with my E-Bike.

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